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Brand Trevigen





Cell Stress & DNA Damage


Physiologic Cell Culture

Trevigen has a wide range of products for measuring oxidative stress and DNA damage. Our CometAssay® product line is the only complete and optimized commercially available platform for the comet assay, which include reagents, kits, equipment and analysis software. Our TACS® (Trevigen Apoptotic Cell Systems) products have been widely used and cited over the years, recognized by researchers for their unmatched quality.



Trevigen’s 3D and 2D cell culture products are designed, developed, produced, qualified and supported by our Cultrex® laboratory staff. Our products include alternatives to Matrigel® as well as several unique types of Basement Membrane Extract (BME) matrix qualified for 3D culture, stem cells, organoid culture and spheroids. Other matrices offered include Laminin I, Collagen I, Collagen IV, Vitronectin, Fibronectin, Poly-D Lysine and Poly -L- Lysine.






 ▶ Oxidative Damage


 ▶ Extracellular Matrix Proteins

 ▶ DNA Damage


 ▶ Matrix Protein Coated Labware

 ▶ Apoptosis


 ▶ Cell Based Assays




 ▶ 3D Culture




 ▶ Organoid and Stem Cell Research