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Brand Perceptive Instruments

Perceptive Instruments






Ames Testing


Perceptive Instruments offer a comprehensive suite of software for conducting and reporting Ames studies in accordance with OECD 471.










Comet Assay


Perceptive Instruments have supplied software systems for the Comet assay for over 20 years. Comet Assay IV is the professional choice for those seeking accuracy, reproducibility and GLP compliance.








Study Management


We have been working with the genetic toxicology experts across the globe to create and develop computerised systems to improve the data handling and study management of your GeneTox Assays.







Colony Counting


Our colony counters are used throughout the world for Ames and MLA, plaque counts, traditional pour and spread plate counts, spiral plates, Petri-film, and other culture techniques.









Vaccine Development (OPA and SBA)


Vaccine development is an exciting area of science research with real-world impact.  Sorcerer Colony Counter is used for vaccine development assays at the forefront of this research.







Mouse Lymphoma Assay


Sorcerer Colony Counter is the ideal solution for the soft agar version of the Mouse Lymphoma Assay (MLA) and is used by Contract Research Laboratories across the world.








Genetic Toxicology


Perceprtive Instruments are industry-leading expeets in image analysis and data processing solution for genetic toxicology assays.













Regulatory testing: e.g. REACH


Genetic toxicology is a significant field within the regulatory testing of compounds for national and international authorities.Within regulatory testing, it is essential to follow the principles of GLP and have excellent laboratory traceability and data management.









Direct Epifluorescence Microscopy (DEFT)


The Direct Epifluorescent Filter Technique (DEFT) is a rapid method for enumerating bacteria. Used widely in the dairy industry for milk and milk products, it has also been applied to beverages, foods, clinical specimens and in environmental research.











ELISPOT (Enzyme-Linked Immunospot Assay)


The enzyme-linked immunospot assay, or ELISPOT assay for short, is used to determine cytokine secretion by individual B-cells or T-cells following in vitro stimulation with a specific antigen, which provides a measure of cytotoxic activity in viral, bacterial and tumour studies.








Particle Size Analysis (PSA)


The classification of objects by size and shape is a classic application of image analysis. Examples include spray droplets in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, paint & printing inks, plastics, metals, composites, ceramics and emulsions.