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Brand Awareness Technology

Awareness Technology

 Semi-automated Analyzers


    ELISA Analyzers

       Stat Fax 4200 - ELISA microwell plate reader

       Chromate 4300 - PC ELISA microwell plate reader

       Stat Fax 4700 - ELISA microwell strip reader

       Stat Fax 2100 - ELISA microwell plate reader/mixer


    Chemiluminescent Analyzers

       LuMate 4400 - PC controlled Chemiluminescent microwell plate reader

       LumiStat 4900 - Chemiluminescent microwell strip reader


    Biochemistry Analyzers

       Stat Fax 4500 - Stand-alone biochemistry analyzer

       Stat Fax 3300 - Stand-alone biochemistry analyzer

       Stat Fax 1904 - Stand-alone biochemistry analyzer



 Automated Analyzers


    ELISA/biochemistry analyzer

       ChemWell 2910 - PC controlled automated analyzer


    ELISA/chemiluminescent Analyzers

       ChemWell Fusion 4800 - PC controlled, automated analyzer

       ChemWell 2 - Two microwell plate, PC controlled, automated analyzer


    Biochemistry Analyzers

       ChemWell 2902 - PC controlled automated analyzer

       ChemWell-T - PC controlled automated analyzer



 Electrolyte Analyzers


       SelectaLyte™ 3910 -  Semi-automated electrolyte analyzer



 Washers and Mixers


    Microwell Plate Washer

       Stat Fax 2600 - Microwell plate programmable washer


    Microwell Plate Mixer/Incubator

       Stat Fax 2200 - Microwell plate mixer/incubator



 iCS Closed System Biochemistry Analyzers


    Automated iCS Biochemistry Analyzers

       ChemWell-T iCS 4625 - Automated biochemistry analyzer designed to work with i-chem reagents (closed system)


    RPR Automated Analyzer for syphilis screening

       ChemWell RPR - Automated RPR analyzer