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All Products 코메드 베스트

코메드 베스트

Stat Fax 4700 Microstrip Reader 2020/08/19 (13:47) 조회(707) 관리자



Stat Fax 4700
Microstrip Reader


터치스크린 인터페이스와 내장 프린터를 갖춘

작고 경제적인 독립형 마이크로 스트립 리더






  • Auto-Track™ 자동 strip 이동 기능
  • 3-strip, break-apart, single, double strip 로딩
  • 대화형 터치 스크린 LCD
  • 최대 3개의 12 well break-apart microwell strip을 수용하는 strip 캐리어
  • 최대 6개 필터 장착 가능
  • Single & multi-point calibration curve, regression calculation, 다양한 cutoff 및 control 옵션
  • 프린터 내장
  • 120 개의 사용자 테스트 저장
  • 긴 수명의 IAD 필터







 다양한 응용분야

곰팡이 독소 (Mycotoxins) 

 알레르기 유발물질 (Allergens)



  ▶ 아플라톡신

  ▶ 아플라톡신 HS

  ▶ 데옥시니발레논 (DON)

  ▶ 푸모니신 

▶ 오크라톡신

▶ T-2/HT-2

▶ 제랄레논

▶ 파튤린

   ▶ 땅콩

   ▶ 아몬드

   ▶ 달걀


▶ 겨자

▶ 갑각류


▶ 호두 






 Linear Measurement Range

0.0 to 3.0 Absorbance units (A)

 Photometric Accuracy

+/- (1% +/- 0.010) 0.0 through 1.5 ABS
+/- (2% +/- 0.010) 1.5 through 3.0 ABS


Drift of no more than 0.005A in 8 hours/bichromatic.

 Light Source

Tungsten-Xenon lamp with lamp saver feature

 Standard Wavelengths


Standard: 405, 450, 492, 630nm
Six Filter VIS: 405, 450, 492, 545, 600, 630nm
Six Filter UV: 340, 405, 450, 492, 545, 630nm

 Filter Type

IAD hardcoat interference, 10nm half bandpass

 Carrier Format


Strip carrier can hold three 12-well strips or three 8-well strips (break apart)



Single or break apart strips, up to 12 wells/strip
1 – 36 well loading capacity
User selectable ‘last well’ to read



Interactive capacitive touch-screen 3.5” LCD, color graphic display


Thermal dot matrix with graphic capability, approximately 29 characters per line

 Power Requirements

100-240 VAC, 1.2 A MAX universal input (no user replaceable fuse)


eZ80, 64K EEPROM


768K bytes Flash Memory, 1MB static RAM Memory


USB mouse; USB port used for thumb drive interface for firmware updates (mouse not included; thumb drive not included)
PC connectivity via SF_Capture software and USB cable (cable not included)



Reads, calculates and prints results, 30 seconds per 12-well strip

 Calculation Modes

Absorbance, Single point calibration by standard or factor, multi-point calibration with point-to-point curve fit, linear regressions with log, linear, and log-logit selections, cubic spline and cutoff mode selections

 Test Menu

Total of 120 open channels to store tests.
Stores all parameters including wavelengths, calculations, unit codes, ranges, interpretations, calibrator values, test names, and previous curve



Painted flame-retardant ABS plastic cover and base


24 x 34 x 13cm, weight: 2.3kg




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